About JobHelper

JobHelper was initially created as part of a Web Development course project, at the National College of Ireland. The assistance of the college, and its staff members, in creating this site is greatly appreciated.

The site itself was born out of a frustration with the fact that, while there are a number of good Irish-based search engines, and other resources, to assist the user in their job search, none of these resources come close to being definitive, with many jobs only being posted on certain websites, and some only being posted on an organisation’s own site; additionally, even when, for example, public sector jobs are listed on one of the larger jobs websites, it is often done in an inconsistent manner, with some jobs being posted, and others not. Owing to this, it can be all too easy for a job hunter to miss any number of roles that may be suitable for them, even in cases where a great deal of time and energy is expended in the job-seeking effort.

Given this fact, the owner decided to create this site to complement the existing job search tools and resources out there, allowing users to conduct a search for employers and other job/vacancies websites relevant to their own particular field or fields of interest, with the ultimate result of hopefully enabling them to find relevant vacancies that they otherwise might not have.

It would be the authors' hope that this site will prove beneficial in aiding others in finding work. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact JobHelper using any of the methods suggested here.

More to follow ...